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The Void

At the very edge of space explored by Humans lies the Void. A cluster of five systems, rich and diverse with life and other treasures.

Humans first came to the void 200 years ago. They travelled from the Sol system, utilizing a magnetic launcher so powerful it warps space and time around itself, delivering a ship to its destination in the blink of an eye. Returning is another matter. Even sending a signal home would take millennia.

For the first colonists, it was a one-way trip. For a generation, they fought the harsh conditions of the Void to build a launcher capable of sending their children home. A thousand brave men and women in a handful of ships who knew they would never see their homes again. The first colonists brokered an uneasy peace with the native Malkar, settling alongside them on Indra, in the Lashi system.

Finally, 130 years ago, the Maglauncher was complete, bringing an influx of setters and resources from the home systems. For most who come to the Void though, there is still no return. Trips through the launcher are still dangerous and incredibly expensive. Some come to the Void seeking fortune and glory, some seek escape. Everyone in the Void is running from something.

Systems of the Void

       .  .  
 (1)+         .      
   (2)  (3)         
  . .               
  1. Lashi
  2. Drage
  3. Abosam
  4. Senaci
  5. Fell

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